Winter Fleet Safety Tips

Our NMEA tools and solutions for distracted driving are an integral part of keeping your fleets safe this winter. However, total safety can never be found in one simple solution. There are other ways that added with our technology can help your fleets prepare for the unexpected this upcoming winter season. For IPCGPS believes that keeping your fleet safe also helps it stay productive as well and ensures the safety of everyone traveling on our roadways. In order to help you achieve the goals of productivity and safety, we offer the following tips for keeping your fleet safe during the winter of 2017.

  • Have drivers make speed adjustments: Ice and snow covered roads are more difficult to navigate even for experienced drivers. Have your crews drive at or below the posted speed as heavy loads will make it more difficult for them to brake in the event of an emergency.
  • Clear excessive snow off of your vehicles: Heavy winds can cause snow that is resting atop your trucks to cover the windshield. Falling snow is a danger to all vehicles on the road.
  • Carefully inspect your vehicles before starting out: Conduct a thorough winter inspection before sending your crews out. Be sure to check tire inflation levels as well as belts and hoses. Also be sure that the gas tank is at least half full in order to avoid a frozen gas line.
  • Increase following distance: Have your drivers increase their following distance to three or four seconds since it takes longer for them to brake than it takes passenger vehicles. Also, be sure to make room for snow plows and emergency vehicles.
  • Use technology: Our GPS tools can help you find the best and most efficient routes all year round and under any conditions. They can help your crews if you quickly need to make adjustments due to inclement weather. Finally, use weather apps that help you to monitor weather and road conditions.
  • Turn into skids: The same rules apply for the big rigs as they do for passenger vehicles. As counterintuitive as it may seem, turning into skids helps you to regain control faster in the event of an emergency.

Finally, we know that winter driving can be cumbersome to us all whether we are driving passenger vehicles or the big rigs. However, technology, common sense and preparation can make winter driving less of a chore. Our NMEA tools and solutions for distracted driving can easily be added to your arsenal of tools to help in making your fleets and the roadways safer this winter.