Turn by Turn Directions for Fleets

When it comes to managing fleets, sometimes run-of-the-mill GPS programs don’t quite cut it. For example, it’s important for the software to be able to recognize roads that are legal for trucks and avoid those that aren’t. It’s important, too, to be able to synchronize the individual truck route with the office computer so that managers can send out updates and check on progress. This is why turn by turn directions are especially useful for fleets.

Route Calculation

Not only can this software take a destination and give a proposed route in seconds, it also updates in real time. This means accounting for traffic, road closures, and possible alternate routes that may be quicker.

Navigational Instructions

The display itself allows for optimal navigation without distracted driving. This means clear, vocal directions, navigational arrows, and optional 2D or 3D views.

Driving Assistance

This is especially useful for fleets, as the built-in functions of this program allow for automatic night/day mode. The display will change to a darker tone to allow for better viewing in the dark. Speed limit alerts are given directly through the display. A driver can also customize the program experience, allowing for a more efficient ride that makes sense to them.

There are a lot of GPS programs out there. But for fleet management, IPCGPS is the breadwinner of turn by turn directions. Whether you are a driver or a manager, this one’s for you.