Trucker Tips for Staying Awake While Driving

Fatigue is something every driver has faced behind the wheel but long haul truckers face this problem to a much greater degree than do drivers of passenger vehicles. Often driving for hundreds if not thousands of miles, the monotony of the road can cause fleet drivers to nod off every now and then. Of course it only takes a second for an accident to occur as the result of nodding off. Our technology, coupled with these tips can help your fleets stay more attentive and more productive. Here are some tips for long haul drivers and other experts for staying awake during those long trips.

  • Cat-nap before getting on the road: Experts say that even a few minutes of sleep before starting out on the road helps drivers remain more attentive. They also recommend that drivers pull over and take a nap if they begin to feel fatigued while on the road.
  • Eat a healthy meal after your pre-route nap: Food nourishes us and supplies us with complex carbohydrates and protein that helps our stamina. Don’t go out on the road with an distracted driving technologyempty stomach which can also be a distraction.
  • Keep your muscles moving: Movement helps keep the blood circulating through your system. Move your arms about periodically when driving. Also, stop and stretch your legs if they begin to tire and cramp up on you.
  • Open a window: Fresh, circulating air keeps your mood up and keeps you awake while driving. Try opening a window when you grow tired and taking a deep breath.
  • Avoid medications that cause drowsiness: Be aware of the medications you take that may cause drowsiness.
  • Keep yourself hydrated: Dehydration causes fatigue. Drink water while avoiding diuretics that cause you to lose fluids too quickly.
  • Plan your time wisely: This is where our software can help you the most. Our GPS solutions help you plan your trip so that you can wisely manage the time you will spend on the road.

Finally, the pressure that long haul drivers face to remain attentive can be relieved to some degree with our distracted driving technology. Mobile devices are hugely responsible for many accidents on the road. Our solutions for distracted driving eliminate this means of attempting to keep the mind engaged. Use these tips and our technologies before sending your fleets out on the road this year.