Tips for Lowering Fuel Costs for Large Fleets

The larger the fleet, the greater the fuel cost. This has been a reality of fleet management for as long as commercial vehicles have been on the road. Thus, the challenge for how to best contain fuel costs is constantly uppermost in the minds of fleet managers. This is especially the case in light of a nationwide surge in fuel prices that have been spurred by hurricane Harvey. However, there are ways to contain this inevitable cost of doing business while at the same time continuing to grow your company. Here are our suggestions for lowering fuel costs for large fleets.


  • Maintain vehicles for greater fuel efficiency: It’s a simple fact that well maintained fleets, regardless of their size, get better mileage than those that are poorly maintained. Proactivelyfleetimprove your fleet’s fuel efficiency by checking things such as tire pressure, air filters and spark plugs and by using the recommended grade of oil, etc.
  • Plan more efficient routes: Our customized GPS solutions can help your fleet find the best route in order to save you time, money and fuel. Our tools – such as the serial splitter we have – can help track your fleets and keep them from routes that are inefficient and costly. Our serial port splitter allows us to split one port among several applications in a way that allows you to get the same data at the same time.
  • Remove unnecessary payload: Reduce the weight per vehicle by removing unnecessary tools, equipment, parts and products. The less each vehicle weighs, the less fuel it uses.
  • Utilize GPS driving solutions: Our services help your fleet be more efficient in terms of fuel cost and delivery time. We provide solutions that help correct issues such as harsh braking, excessive idle time, jackrabbit starts, distracted driving etc. Additionally, our virtual serial port services allow you to use our GPS technology to add punch to your fleet by allowing you to connect GPS data to an unlimited number of applications and services.
  • Purchase from the lowest-cost fuel providers: Have your drivers use fuel providers who are known to have lower gas prices. There are many apps that can be downloaded that guide drivers to stations that have the lowest fuel cost at any given time.


In short, simply because you have a large fleet does not mean that your business has to take a hit on fuel costs. There are many ways to lower fuel costs regardless of your fleet’s size. Moreover, IPCGPS provides solutions for fleets of various sizes.