This Technology is the Best for Forklift Safety Systems

Safety is no joke. Though many employees might roll their eyes when attending yet another safety meeting, these are held for a reason. When you’re working at a warehouse, or at any company with heavy machinery or lifting, the employee’s safety is incredibly important. The horror stories of workplace accidents are too many. Often, they happen because of distraction or negligence. Our forklift safety systems are developed to prevent those. Your company and your employees deserve the right tools to operate in a safe and productive environment.

DriveScreen is one of our forklift safety systems available.

According to OSHA, 70 percent of forklift accidents can be prevented with proper training and a safety procedures. DriveScreen is a software solution that prevents distracted driving. The technology system also tracks, provides port sharing and reports. This should be an integral part of your business. Be able to track your forklifts and the activity taken place with them as well as keep your employees safe.

One of the great services we provide is a free trial.

We also provide easy installation and resources available for you on our website. A free trial allows you to see what our products can do. We guarantee that you’ll fall in love with the efficiency. Don’t take forklift safety systems lightly.

Allow us to administer this software for your business. We’re here to help. Click here to get that quote we know you’re eager to get.