Turn by Turn Directions for Fleets

When it comes to managing fleets, sometimes run-of-the-mill GPS programs don’t quite cut it. For example, it’s important for the software to be able to recognize roads that are legal for trucks and avoid those that aren’t. It’s important, too, to be able to synchronize the individual truck route with the office computer so that

The Importance of Reporting in GPS Software

In fleet management, arguably the most important aspect of the job is keeping everybody on the same page. When there are several moving parts of a larger whole, this isn’t always the easiest thing. But it’s crucial. There are several types of software on the market that caters to this need, but few are able to integrate

How Forklift Tracking and Sharing Can Optimize Your Business

When managing a small or large fleet of forklifts in your office or warehouse, keeping track of them meticulously can be a difficult task. This is especially true when these forklifts operate steadily throughout the day for various tasks in various locations. These machines retrieve and transport important business materials. Therefore, it’s equally crucial to

Forklift Operators Can Prevent Distracted Driving

Operating a Forklift can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing or have not had proper training. There are common things that every forklift operator should already know like reducing their speed before turning. Some things are harder to learn than others. Like distracted driving.   Distracted driving is a real problem

Eliminate Distracted Driving with our Fleet Software, DriveScreen – Download Free Trial

Distracted Driving causes many accidents and that number continues to grow every year. The reasons for the distractions can be different. But the most common causes of distractions are texting or talking to people while driving, eating or drinking. Innovative Products Company steps forward with new technology to prevent accidents due to distracted driving. Prevent Distracted Driving

Spring and Summer Fleet Safe Driving Tips

It would probably surprise most people to know that winter is not the most dangerous season for driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more accidents occur during mid and late summer than in any other part of the year. All told, they report that auto accidents kill more than 40,000 people in

6 Common Myths about GPS Vehicle Tracking

Today GPS technology is everywhere you turn. (No pun intended.) Yet, despite its prevalence there are still some misconceptions surrounding its use especially among companies that are considering using it to track and control the movement of their fleets. While we can understand that business leaders must be cautious before using any technology that promises

States with the Toughest Distracted Driving Laws

According to the US Department of Transportation, more than 30 countries around the world have made it illegal for drivers to use handheld devices while driving a vehicle. The punishments from some of these countries which include Sweden, Bermuda and Qatar, range from stiff fines to prison sentences. What all this means is that people

Trucker Tips for Staying Awake While Driving

Fatigue is something every driver has faced behind the wheel but long haul truckers face this problem to a much greater degree than do drivers of passenger vehicles. Often driving for hundreds if not thousands of miles, the monotony of the road can cause fleet drivers to nod off every now and then. Of course

Distracted Driving and the Holiday Season

When it comes to an average sized, 2,000 pound vehicle it is no contest. The big rigs prevail in a head on collision. Yet, this fact is not enough to deter motorists from behaving irresponsibly during the holiday season. Distracted driving becomes even more of an issue than it normally is the rest of the

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