Spring and Summer Fleet Safe Driving Tips

It would probably surprise most people to know that winter is not the most dangerous season for driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more accidents occur during mid and late summer than in any other part of the year. All told, they report that auto accidents kill more than 40,000 people in the U.S. each year. Additionally, even if you are a seasoned fleet driver spring has its hazards too. Our NMEA tools are helpful in keeping your fleets safer and more efficient but common sense and defensive driving also play a huge part in keeping accidents (and the costs associated with them) down.


  • Check your tires: The change over from winter to spring can take a toll on tires. These changes include a drop in pressure which can reduce the gripping action of your tires. Check the pressure in your fleet’s tires several times a month for excessive wear, balding, etc.
  • Conduct a complete preventative maintenance check: This includes a thorough check of hoses, belts, air filters, wipers, coolant, brakes, etc. Routine maintenance checks will improve safety as well as fuel efficiency in your vehicles.
  • Avoid hydroplaning: Spring and summer showers create slippery road conditions that are especially hazardous for truckers as they need more time to break. Have your fleets avoid this phenomenon by slowing down during storms even if it means going below the posted limit. Also, make sure that your headlights are on for maximum visibility and that you allow for a greater breaking distance behind other vehicles.
  • Utilize GPS solutions: GPS systems help your fleet to map out routes that are safer and more expedient for your crews. This will save your company time and increase client satisfaction since your deliveries will be on time. In addition to GPS solutions, we also provide forklift safety solutions for your company.tires
  • Monitor weather conditions: Weather conditions can change rapidly during the spring and summer months. Don’t let a string of sunny days lull you into a false sense of security. Keep constant track of weather alerts.

Spring and summer are exciting seasons. More people are on the roadways due to the weather, holidays, etc. Stay alert and be prepared to tackle the challenges of spring and summer and all motorists will be able to make the most of these seasons.