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The Next Best Thing to Being There

Reports puts your business in the driver seat! Your field personnel have IT related problems every day.  Often times they may not report all the issues they encounter.  What if you could monitor the system and react to small problems before they become big issues?

Cellular access is critical to efficient mobile operations – not to mention the ongoing costs.  Are you getting your money’s worth?  Reports can monitor your system and provide the solutions to problems before they occur.

How about your home start workforce?  Do you know when they logged in each day?  Were they docked in the truck?  Do you know what their location was when they logged in?  Reports can also provide:

  • When a user logs on
  • What computer was in use
  • What programs were running
  • GPS Status

Your company needs information, and Reports delivers:  Easy access – no fees – valuable data.

View your data in any mapping program or easily export to Google Earth for fast viewing and sharing within your organization.  See what’s in your report today.  Contact us for a Free Trial today!

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