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Features and Benefits

Thousands of people are being killed due to distracted driving crashes every year. As the use of technology increases day by day, becoming distracted while driving is now easier than ever. A new technology has now been introduced to avoid distracted driving. Distracted driving can be caused to any of the activities which includes texting or speaking to the people in the vehicle, drinking, eating or even anything that takes your attention away from safe driving. So don’t panic IPC has introduced DriveScreen technology, so as to avoid distracted driving accidents. We also introduced a wide range of solutions to avoid distracted driving with various software technologies such as tracking, port sharing, custom solutions, reporting and much more.

IPC offers the best solutions to avoid distracted driving with DriveScreen, which can be managed by a mobile system like never before. DriveScreen offers an absolute control over the user environment and it provides the ability hide, block, and launch or allow the use of any application while in motion or at rest. We also offer a free trial on all our products, so that our clients have the flexibility to choose the right product depending upon their company’s requirements. The product was designed to work exclusively with internal and external GPS receivers and Motion Sensing devices for indoor environments where a GPS signal is not available. Below are the preventive or benefits of using these DriveScreens to avoid distracted driving. It also offers three methods to keep the driver safe from distracted driving, see below:

Feature Benefit
Hide the screen When the vehicle goes in motion the screen can be configured to be hidden by any graphic that you choose.  Default is a blank screen.
Disable While Moving Allows applications to be seen but disables user input
Motion Apps Launch any application and fill the screen – Great for navigation applications.  You can also independently assign attributes to each application.
Customizable IPC can integrate existing functionality into the MotionDesktop
Background Wallpaper is configurable
Flexible Motion detection can be provided by Cellcontrol OBD or GPS
Fast Deployment Works with Windows 10, 8.1, 7, as well as Android.
Installs silently using a single license and configuration file


Back Office Access

Processes cannot be stopped by limited users


Access your fleet with our Mobile Systems Manager Server.  Grant Overrides, change configuration files and manage deployed licenses.  Add IPC Reports and receive email notifications if users tamper with the system.


DriveScreen delivers everything that your company needs to safely manage your mobile workforce – all in one solution.  DriveScreen enables you to tailor the user experience and prevent unauthorized or unsafe use of the machine at all times.  DriveScreen accomplishes all of this while at the same time retaining the productivity gains achieved by deploying mobile technologies.  Contact us for your free trial today!

So call us today to find the perfect solution for distracted driving with IPC new software distracted driving technologies within your budget at 888.783.7161, as our experts even tailor our products depending upon your requirements.

Features and Benefits of DriveScreen

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