Why You Need GPS Enabled Applications for Your Enterprise

When you’re talking about implementing software for your company, things can get pretty tricky. The information in front of you can become overwhelming, thus leaving you in a state of confusion. So, we sought out a way to make things a little bit easier. With GPS enabled applications, you can share one GPS. This is really putting your GPS to work. Get your money’s worth.

The SmartPort Application

Keeping up with technology can be hard. IPC is the best choice when it comes to providing the best virtual serial port services with GPS technology. We take our customers needs and suggest the best business strategies. This is why we highly recommend SmartPort. This is the first GPS port-sharing service that puts a GPS in charge. See what happens when your forklift isn’t using our DriveScreen software.

Easy Does It

SmartPort is successful because it works and makes your life easier. It:

  • Takes the user out of the equation and optimizes GPS performance
  • Is compatible with remote installation
  • Easily handles operating systems events like “standby” and “log off”
  • Finds the GPS no matter where it is


We have designed our products with you in mind. Start one of our free trials and fall in love with the ease this will bring to your enterprise. Don’t work harder, work smarter.