The Importance of Preventing Distracted Driving in Fleet Services

Passenger cars aren’t the only vehicles that can cause distracted driving crashes. In fact, distracted crashes cause by semi trucks or other large vehicles can prove even more deadly based on their sheer size and force. This is why it’s paramount that fleet services be educated and trained on the dangers of distracted driving. Once equipped with the necessary knowledge, driving software with integrated features for this purpose is a great way to prevent any accidents on the road.

Hide & Disable.

The most beneficial and key feature in this software is the ability to hide the screen when needed. When this option is on, the driver or manager can choose for the screen to go completely black when in motion. Alternatively, you can turn off user input for apps while still displaying them on the screen.


Every fleet service is different and every driver is different. That’s why one size does not fit all. This software is fully-customizable which makes it a great option for fleets. Perhaps for short-haul missions you may want to disable the entire screen while for long-haul you want to ensure that directions stay up.

Turn by Turn Directions for Distracted Driving.

One of the best deterrents for distracted driving is having the directions up and ready. This works because the driver does not have to fumble with anything to figure out where they are going. With turn by turn directions, everything they need is integrated into the software.

At IPCGPS, we know how important it is to prevent distracted driving. That’s why we offer customizable, solution-oriented software that minimizes accidents and keeps drivers on the road.