How GPS Tracking Extends the Life of Your Vehicles

We’ve talked in this past about the benefits of using GPS tracking software to improve your fleet’s efficiency and productivity. We’ve also talked about how on-time deliveries improve customer service and how GPS helps provide your company with distracted driving solutions. However, the greatest cost that any transportation company faces is that of maintaining its fleets. Vehicle repairs are not cheap especially when simple routine maintenance could have prevented major problems from developing. Our software solutions help you by creating and making accessible to you reports on vehicle speed, length of time on the road, etc. This information can in turn help you plan a maintenance schedule that helps reduce breakdowns, down time etc. Consider the many components of any vehicle that must be maintained such as belts and hoses, oil, filter and fluids, and brakes and you will see how useful this information can be to your company.

This is why we recommend our system as a way of staying one step ahead of problems that can endanger worker and public safety and decrease fleet efficiency by minimizing downtime. However, a GPS tracking system is only as good as the equipment that goes into it. Our National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) tools ensure that users are able to mix and match hardware and software without any difficulty. NMEA existed well before GPS was invented and today is the standard data format supported by all GPS manufacturers. This ensures that we are accurately able to track your fleet and create reports that positively affect your bottom line.


Finally, not only does GPS tracking extend the life of your vehicle, it also helps minimize accidents which directly affect your company. Consider, after all, the true cost of a single accident:

  • Revenue is lost due to that vehicle being out of commission
  • Deadlines are missed during downtime
  • Insurance premiums increase
  • Time is wasted as employees must remain on the accident scene as required by the law
  • Time is lost investigating accidents
  • Time is potentially lost replacing a driver who has been injured or worse

As you can see, by simply adhering to a maintenance routine created by accurate GPS data that uses NMEA tools, many of these costs could be reduced or completely eliminated. It is not an exaggeration then to say that our GPS tracking can be a life saver for your company.