Eliminate Distracted Driving with our Fleet Software, DriveScreen – Download Free Trial

Distracted Driving causes many accidents and that number continues to grow every year. The reasons for the distractions can be different. But the most common causes of distractions are texting or talking to people while driving, eating or drinking. Innovative Products Company steps forward with new technology to prevent accidents due to distracted driving.

Prevent Distracted Driving Accidents

DriveScreen by IPC offers the best solution for distracted driving. DriveScreen provides absolute control over the user environment. This app is made to work with internal and external GPS devices. In addition, this app uses motion sensors to detect the environment where there is no GPS signal.


DriveScreen comes equipped with even more features to help prevent distracted driving. The app disables the user input while driving. It also favors navigation apps by filling the device’s screen. This makes it easy for the driver to navigate through the roads. Not only this, but DriveScreen allows you to define different rules to control app behavior while in motion. As far as security is concerned, a limited user cannot stop DriveScreen process.

IPC can integrate it with motion desktop for ease of viewing and reduced distraction. It also grants access to your fleet through it dedicated Mobile Systems Management Server. Besides all these advantages, DriveScreen works on Windows OS as well as Android operating systems. It installs in the background using a single configuration file and license file.

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