Distracted Driving and the Holiday Season

When it comes to an average sized, 2,000 pound vehicle it is no contest. The big rigs prevail in a head on collision. Yet, this fact is not enough to deter motorists from behaving irresponsibly during the holiday season. Distracted driving becomes even more of an issue than it normally is the rest of the year. So what makes the drivers more prone to be distracted during the Christmas/New Year’s holiday season?


  • Texting: Many people, who start out on their Christmas vacation, will send text messages apprising their loved ones of their progress. They will do so in spite of statistics showing that driving while texting can have as much of an impairment as drunk driving. In fact, data shows that people who text while driving are 23X more likely to become involved in a crash.
  • Children: Many families will be traveling this holiday season and as any parent knows children can be an enormous distraction when driving. Be especially cautious of this hazard as your crews go on the road during the holidays.
  • Fatigue: The winter holidays often means that many people have modified sleep schedules. This leads to fatigue and this in turn increases the likelihood that an accident will occur. Make sure that in addition to using our GPS software, your drivers get a good night sleep and watch for signs that vehicles around them may have an impaired driver at the wheel.
  • Pets: Many people will also be traveling this year with their pets. This can be dangerous as unrestrained pets can be a great distraction as well.
  • Food and Drink: Some people unwisely begin celebrating the holidays as they are driving by eating and/or drinking while driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, eating while driving is the cause of 80% of all car accidents.

According to most experts, New Years, Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the most dangerous driving days of the year. One way for you as a fleet manager to prevent distracted driving is by utilizing our GPS solutions. They help you not only combat distracted driving; they also help your fleet to become more efficient. Our software is customizable and the screen can be hidden (yet still active) so as not to distract drivers.