6 Common Myths about GPS Vehicle Tracking

Today GPS technology is everywhere you turn. (No pun intended.) Yet, despite its prevalence there are still some misconceptions surrounding its use especially among companies that are considering using it to track and control the movement of their fleets. While we can understand that business leaders must be cautious before using any technology that promises to affect is bottom line in such a profound way, we can assure them that GPS technology is the way to go. It is a time saver, a cost saver and just makes sense for fleets in the 21st century. So, let’s get right to dispelling some myths surrounding this technology as it relates to fleet management.

  • GPS tracking systems are complicated to install and use: Installing and implementing our systems is pretty straightforward. All our systems are user-friendly. However, if problems do arise we are here to help customers install and use our GPS solutions. We can also help with the interpretation of system data as it relates to your fleets.
  • Truckers will quit if we implement GPS: Our GPS solutions help drivers and the company alike. Drivers come to find our system indispensible in that it provides routing information, roadside assistance and verification of work performed on time.gps
  • GPS tracking is an unnecessary expense: GPS technology pays for itself by lowering operational expenses such as fuel and maintenance costs.
  • GPS tracking is an unproven technology: As we stated in the beginning of this post, GPS technology is everywhere these days. For decades now GPS has used real-time satellites and wireless communications to provide accurate information about the location of many objects.
  • GPS only works in urban locations: Indeed, remote locations are where GPS can really shine as the signal tends to be stronger here. Moreover, it is often more challenging to navigate on your own where there are fewer aids such as landmarks and street signs.
  • GPS tracking doesn’t make sense for a small company: Whether your company is small or large it can benefit from GPS tracking. If your company uses multiple vehicles to do its business, you need the data and tracking that GPS provides.

In the end, we urge you not to let these myths stop you from making your fleets more efficient and productive. GPS can not only end up saving your company money, it can also pay huge dividends by increasing customer satisfaction through on time deliveries. At IPCGPS we provide truck GPS for android and NMEA tools. These are the facts.